Business Summary

【Characteristics of SGI】

1) To establish a strong cooperation network with our factories and cooperation companies with regional characteristics (about 80)

2) Mainly focused on export since establishment (About 90% in Japan, about 10% in Europe and America)

3) Establish and implement an internal organizational system which is capable of long-term stable supply

4) Implement internal inspections by Composition analysis machine · 3D· all kinds of gauges and other inspection instruments

【Business Contents】

1) All kinds of single products ~ mass production of metal & resin precision machining parts · tools ※General cutting/mold nesting/JG&PG/shelf/canning/5-axis/super hard/ceramics/welding/metal plate

2) All kinds of molds (injection/pressing/casting/forging/extrusion/sintering metallurgy) and forming parts)

3) Purchasing agent


SGI is based on the Shenzhen, "City of commission processing" since the establishment in 2007. As a professional precision parts processing company, SGI grows with our customers together.

The environment for manufacturing in this changing era, with the intense international competition brought about by the market changes has great changes.

Our aim is through the services we provide to make your business activities (production activities) more smooth and we are convinced that contributing to sustained benefit is essential to our business activities.

In the future, we will ask ourselves and answer ourselves repeatedly every day. In order to make greater contributions to the development and prosperity together with you, all the staff in SGI will sincerely make efforts for it.

【Processing performance and application range】

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Distribution of cooperative factories

Takes Baoan District of Shenzhen (One of the world's few manufacturing hubs, the center of the Pearl River Delta, Shenzhen) as the center, a radius of 1 hour and 30 minutes by car, gathering about 80 cooperative factories.
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